It always comes to the question: are leggings pants?  There are two camps in this fight, those who they are a miracle of modern fashion and those who think the popularity of leggings is a national tragedy.  Obviously, I am firmly in the former camp.  Leggings are amazing!  And here are 7 great reasons why you should wear leggings:

2 Women lounging in the grass  - Rising Star Leggings

1. They are amazingly comfortable.  Sleeping, lounging on the couch, running errands, running a marathon.  Leggings can do it all.

2. They feel like pajamas and look like pants.  No one will ever know that you slept in them last night.

3. They’re great for traveling.  They take up less room in your luggage, and they're lighter.  This means you can take more looks (and more shoes) without going over weight.

4. They fit perfectly into your knee-high boots.  I don't know about you, but this is always a challenge.  Boot-cut means those jeans are definitely not fitting into your boots!

5. You can eat whatever you want without your pants feeling too tight.  So perfect for holidays and big family dinners!

6. At the same time...high-waisted leggings  hold everything in comfortably, and keep you looking sleek even after that big meal!

7. Anyone who in the anti-leggings camp has probably never owned a great pair of leggings.  I extend my sympathies.


Fashion isn’t about pleasing anyone but yourself!